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MSNBC Analyst Claims Supreme Court Will Bring Back Segregation


MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner said Sunday that the Supreme Court is bound to diminish desegregation and privacy laws following the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Kirschner, a former prosecutor, warned guest host Charles Blow and New York Times columnist Dahlia Lithwick that the Supreme Court will abolish all privacy rights formerly established by case precedent, including racial segregation, contraception, interracial and gay marriage.

“I don’t believe for a minute they’re not gonna come after desegregation,” he said.

Justice Thomas suggested that in a concurring opinion that privacy rights surrounding contraception and same-sex relationships established in Griswold v. Connecticut, Lawrence v. Texas and Obergefell v. Hodges should be reconsidered. Justice Samuel Alito argued in the majority opinion that abortion is distinguishable from other privacy rights because it involve the “critical moral question” of ending the life of a pre-born child.

The legal analyst called for a non-violent, “full-frontal assault” on the Court in order to protect these rights. These calls follow the non-violent, pro-abortion protests taking place in front of the justices’ homes after the majority opinion draft leaked to the public in May.

“But here’s the thing, Charles, we don’t have to sit here and take the punches. That’s what it looks like and it feels like we’re doing but I’m reminded of an old political slogan that we at a certain age will all remember, it always struck me as a little vulgar, but ‘it’s the economy, stupid.’ I think in 2022, ‘it’s the democracy, stupid.’ And if we don’t go on the attack, full-frontal assault of the Supreme Court, a non-violent assault of course.” (RELATED: ‘There Must Be Consequences’: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Suggests SCOTUS Justices Should Be Impeached) 

He then urged Congress to open impeachment inquiries against the justices for supposedly lying under oath about Roe v. Wade being set precedent and Associate Justice Clarence Thomas not recusing himself from cases involving January 6 due to his wife, Ginni’s, alleged involvement. He claimed the justices’ were “evasive” in overturning the 1973 ruling establishing abortion as a privacy right protected under the Constitution.

“They were evasive and we need to at least open hearing to explore Clarence Thomas’ conflict, the potential deception by judges in their zeal to become justices knowing that at the earlier opportunity, they would overrule women’s privacy rights when all the while they were answering questions to convey [there is] nothing to worry about here because to me, Roe is settled precedent worthy of respect.”

“We need to go on the attack. We also need to add justices which may ultimately require a supermajority in Congress,” he continued. “But we need to go on the attack, we can’t just keep taking these punches.”

Vandalism, arson and threats of violence broke out after the draft leak and official overruling of Roe. Pro-abortion groups, including Jane’s Revenge, have vandalized pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and churches throughout the country with red paint and graffiti with the words “If Abortions Aren’t Safe, You Aren’t Either” and “Jane Says Revenge.”

Authorities arrested 26-year-old Nicholas Roske on June 8 for the plotting an assassination attempt on Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh after being spotted on his street with burglary tools and a firearm. He admitted to law enforcement that he intended to kill the justice and had been upset by the leaked draft.

Kirschner has made overarching legal claims in the past, once claiming during the 2020 election that former President Donald Trump will be held accountable for the coronavirus deaths, then saying in March he was guilty of “negligent homicide or voluntary/involuntary manslaughter.”


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