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MSNBC Analyst Malcolm Nance Predicts ‘Terrorist And Paramilitary Insurgency’


MSNBC national security analyst Malcolm Nance predicted that former President Donald Trump will eventually incite a “terrorist and paramilitary insurgency” from his supporters.

Appearing Friday on SiriusXM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show,” Nance was asked by host Dean Obeidallah about when “the greatest time of risk from Donald Trump to our nation” would occur.

“You know, the time of risk is, when it comes to Trump and his supporters, comes more when he starts to open his mouth,” Nance replied.


Nance went on to accuse Trump of bilking his supporters and maintaining a “schtick” that incites racism in order to maintain power for himself before predicting that the former president would eventually “weaponize” his base.

“The question is, how is he going to weaponize his real political base?” he asked rhetorically. “Well, the only way he can is the only way that he’s always done it, is to incite things … He is going to incite a political insurgency, and it will lead to a terrorist and paramilitary insurgency.”

“And it’s not going to be like he’s going to wake up one day and say ‘attack the White House, it’s being defiled,’ and people are going to come down with pitchforks and torches,” Nance continued. “No, no, it’s going to be the way he said it. ‘This government’s illegitimate. Their agents are illegitimate. The FBI director is a traitor.’”

Nance concluded by predicting that a group will eventually “carry out the plan in Michigan to take over a statehouse or kill a governor or assassinate congressmen.” (RELATED: Rep. Eric Swalwell Sues Trump And Allies, Alleges They Were Responsible For Capitol Riot)

“Let me tell you, the book ‘The Turner Diaries’ that Timothy McVeigh lived by was exactly about this, a white supremacist uprising in America,” he said.