Home News ‘Muhammad’ Breaks Into Top 10 U.S. Baby Names for First Time Ever

‘Muhammad’ Breaks Into Top 10 U.S. Baby Names for First Time Ever



popular Islamic name “Muhammad” has broken into the top ten
United States baby names for the first time ever in American history.
The most updated list for popular baby names reveals that the name
Muhammad is now the tenth most used name for newborn baby boys in the
U.S., according to BabyCenter data. This is the first time in
American history that the name has been included in the top ten most
popular baby boy names. Muhammad has been climbing in the U.S. for
years now, as the Muslim population continues booming to historic
levels largely due to the nation’s legal immigration system, which
admits about 1.2 million legal immigrants every year. Sen. Perdue on
First Dem Debate: I’ve Never Seen 10 People ‘More Out of Touch in
My Life’ For example, in 2018, Muhammad was the 14th most popular
baby name for boys. Two years before, in 2016, Muhammad was listed as
the 34th most popular name for baby boys. Jump back to the year 2000,
though, and the name Muhammad did not register on a list of the
year’s 200 most popular baby boy names.


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