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Murder of Trump Supporter in Portland escalates Civil War [Video]


The “peaceful protesters” peacefully murdered a man in Portland, Oregon, who was a known Trump supporter. They peacefully executed him on Saturday, peacefully in cold blood.


They even celebrated this execution.

The New York Post reporter Miranda Devine reported:

It’s spine-chilling to hear activists in Portland cheering about the cold-blooded murder of a Trump supporter Saturday night.

“I am not sad that a f–king fascist died tonight,” a woman shouts into a megaphone at a BLM-Antifa gathering after a man was shot dead nearby.

“He was a f–king Nazi. Our community held its own and took out the trash.”

Videos posted by independent journalists Andy Ngo and Ian Miles Cheong show an American flag being burned in celebration as the crowd revels in the news.

Online video appears to show the murder. You can hear a man’s voice: “We got a couple right here.” And then two shots ring out.

The victim, identified as Aaron Danielson, reportedly was wearing the cap of conservative-libertarian group Patriot Prayer, whose caravan of pickup trucks festooned with flags drove through the city that day.

But because he was a supporter of President Trump, the victim did not deserve to live, according to BLM-Antifa.

Peaceful protesters, right? Just like Antifa and Black Lives Matter peacefully burn buildings, throw rocks and bottles at police and peacefully beat others into unconsciousness.

Hopefully the reader gets the point. There is nothing, absolutely nothing peaceful about nearly 100 days of violence on a nightly basis in Portland and many other cities around the United States. Further, the Mayor is aiding and abetting this violence through his statments and feeble acts, so much so that even the radical left is trying to remove him from office.

Truly this is a level of insanity that has not been seen in the United States for a very long time; possibly never in our history. There is no way that riots can continue in one place for 100 days unless those riots have significant support from people with significant power and money to keep it going. The riots are not about race, they are about a truly bizarre form of neo-Marxist revolution. However, even trying to analyse the behavior of the rioters as being coherent with any political perspective fails, and it looks like it is simply evil, deliberate violence for its own sake.

It is possible that notthing like this has been seen at any point in history: not in America, and not anywhere else. Perhaps it has happened before, but the strangeness of this behavior sets it apart from any sort of rational basis that other demonstrations have shown in the past.

And now, that murderous group may have crossed the line. They probably hoped to do this, but the consequence may turn into something far more severe.

We have been covering the rioting events for months under the label “The Second American Civil War.” This is a very strange conflict, because it pits people who are just terminally aggrieved and therefore angry against people who behave rationally and normally. Our piece yesterday featured a video showing how completely irrational these kind of professional victims can be. It is so worth watching (despite its pumpkinhead portrayal of the speaker) that we offer it below.

When these temper tantrums start injuring people and taking their very lives away, there must be a backlash of some kind. Reasonable people do fight wars. They do not want to, but when they have to, they fight and they win.

Those reasonable people are forming militias, because the cities and states led by Antifa-supporting Democrat mayors and governors are emasculating their police forces and siding with the neo-Marxist deadly crybully protesters.

These reasonable people are the true patriots of our nation. It might appear as a big surprise to see you regular-looking neighbors (or even yourself) outfitted in body armor and sporting heavy-duty weapons, but then again, this is why we have a Second Amendment in America – so that the citizens can protect themselves against tyranny in whatever form it takes.

Right now, the tyrants are the Democrat Party, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders. We saw them all in action appeasing or praising the rioters.

The patriots are those supporting Christianity, President Trump as the defender of the right to pray and be Christian, probably all of the farmers in the US save a few loons, and anybody who feels as frustrated and outraged over the insanity of supported rioting and dangerous and deadly violence in American cities day after day.

When the patriots say, “bring it on”, that is when this will end.


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