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Muzzle Masks For Dogs Now Available


A recently-released breathing mask for dogs is receiving increased attention amid the coronavirus panic, according to reports.

A Kickstarter campaign for the K9 Mask, an innovation of the Good Air Team, was launched in 2019 amid pet owners’ concerns about air quality and wildfire smoke.

“In the summer of 2017, fires across the United States sparked a panic for people and their pets to be protected from the harmful affects of smoke,” the company explains on its website. “Air pollution face masks were selling at 8X the normal rate. Unfortunately, no one found a way to protect their dogs and pets from the choking smoke.”

“We are solving this problem by providing your pets with an alternative to poor air quality. We are innovating air filter muzzle masks for your dogs.”

“Our goal is to empower dog owners to protect the short and long-term health of their pets with innovative air filter solutions designed for their dog,” the Good Air Team says.

“Our innovative air pollution mask for dogs is engineered with N95 and PM 2.5 filtration capabilities while providing dogs the ability to pant while wearing the mask.”

While the muzzle masks were invented prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, they are receiving increased interest, with Culture Map Houston declaring, “Leave it to an Austin company to give us what we really need during this pandemic: dog face masks.”

The CDC says a small number of dogs and cats have supposedly been infected with COVID-19.

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