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Naked Guy Who Died After Pushing Man Onto Subway Tracks ‘Was Off His Medication’, Mom Says


The naked man who died after pushing another man onto the subway tracks in New York City was “off his medication,” according to his mom.

The man was electrocuted after he attacked the disabled US Army vet that jumped down to help the guy he had originally pushed onto the subway tracks, the New York Post reported Sunday. The naked man fell onto the third rail and was electrocuted, the outlet reported.

Good Samaritan reflects on near death experience after naked man electrocuted in subway fight https://t.co/IfQwTAyBvk pic.twitter.com/2Oml5gbCoc

— Eyewitness News (@ABC7NY) January 18, 2021

“He was off his medication,” the man’s mom, Ethel Trammell, told the outlet. “The last time he was here was Jan. 4, which was his birthday. If he got off his medication, he just wasn’t stable, and the longer he was off, he would get aggressive.” (RELATED: Police Release Footage Of Man Pushing Bystander Onto Subway Tracks)

“The guy on the subway, that definitely was not my son,” Trammell added. ‘This was one of the nicest guys in the world. He was so nice, he would give you the shirt off his back.”

Trammell also apologized on behalf of her now-deceased son.

“I apologize for what he did to the people in the subway,” Trammell told the outlet. “But that just wasn’t him.”

“Believe me, if my son jumped on the track, he would have jumped on the track to try to help you,” she reportedly added. “My son had a good heart.”

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