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NBC and ABC IGNORE Shooting at ICE Office, Seconds on CBS


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Holding people responsible for overheated rhetoric after an act of violence only applies to Republicans/conservatives, not liberals/Democrats/MSM

At 3:00 a.m. CT on Tuesday, someone opened fire at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Antonio Texas. Despite both FBI and ICE officials describing the attack as “targeted” and fueled by “political rhetoric,” on Wednesday, over 24 hours after the shooting, NBC and ABC have yet to report the story while CBS This Morning only provided seconds of air time.

“The FBI says a shooting at an ICE office in San Antonio was a targeted attack,” co-host Anthony Mason informed This Morning viewers during a 23-second news brief. He added: “The field office director believes political rhetoric and misinformation encouraged the incident.”

FBI Special Agent in Charge Chris Combs, leading the investigation, told the San Antonio Express-News“…all of the shots that we have found were on the floors where ICE has offices, so there is no question it is a very targeted attack.”

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