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New Border Patrol Chief Refuses to Cooperate With Sanctuary Cities


U.S. Border Patrol (CBP) will not cooperate with sanctuary cities hoping to taking custody of criminal illegal aliens, according to new CBP chief Rodney Scott.

CBP will not necessarily surrender custody of illegals who face criminal charges, even if they are suspected of murder, according Scott, as cited by the Washington Examiner.

If sanctuary districts won’t guarantee criminal aliens will be returned back into CBP custody, the federal agency will opt to deport when appropriate, pending federal prosecution.

“My job is to protect the United States and to secure the borders, not to get prosecutions, so we are deporting people that have active warrants because the state will not give back that person to us, and we have to pick: federal law or state law,” Scott said.

“It doesn’t really matter the charge,” he explained. “If they will not give confirmation that they are going to return the individual, then we are not going to turn them over. We’ll prosecute them federally, then deport them.”

Scott, a 27-year veteran of Border Patrol, was tapped to lead the agency in January, after running CBP’s San Diego sector.

Border Wall System update:

▫️ 139 miles completed

▫️ 200 miles under construction

▫️ 414 miles in pre-construction pic.twitter.com/qeZXe3dNYt

— Chief Rodney Scott (@USBPChief) March 16, 2020

Border Patrol recently announced 139 miles of border wall construction has been completed thus far, with another 200 miles underway and 414 miles in pre-construction.

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