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New Climate Study Warns London As Hot As Barcelona By 2050


A recent climate change study has found that London’s weather could feel more like Barcelona’s in 2050.

Even though that might sound like a dream for Londoners, Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes that the change could be accompanied by severe drought. The research focused on 520 major cities and it was published in journal Plos One. Its most concerning finding was that residents in around a fifth of all cities including Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur will experience climate conditions that have never been seen in any major cities.

Infographic: London Could Feel As Hot As Barcelona By 2050  | Statista

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By 2050, it is forecast that Madrid will feel like Marrakech, Stockholm will feel like Budapest, Seattle will feel like San Francisco and New York will be like Virginia Beach.

In the UK, the temperature increase would see the country’s average temperature during its hottest month soar around six degrees to 27C.