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New Mexico Preparing To Seize Land At Epstein’s 10,000 Acre Zorro Ranch


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Billionaire pedophile misused lease agreement with government to increase privacy for illicit activities

New Mexico is preparing to seize the land of late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, according to reports.

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas found that Epstein, whose 10,000 acre ranch was a combination of private and state-owned property, improperly leased land from the government to increase privacy.

“Having fully reviewed the referral from the State Land Commissioner in connection with my office’s investigation into criminal conduct related to Jeffrey Epstein in New Mexico, I am issuing a determination that the State Land Commissioner should immediately retake State trust lands and cancel leases that were improperly given to him,” Balderas said in a statement.

“The original leases to Epstein appear to have no beneficial use justification to the State, but rather appear to simply have been taken by him to increase privacy and the landmass surrounding his estate. This sweetheart deal must be canceled and reassigned to a New Mexico ranching family.”

Leasing documents from the 90s indicated that Epstein would use the federal land to graze cattle, according to the New York Post.

However, no evidence of Epstein owning any cattle was found.

As we reported, Epstein planned to use his Zorro Ranch as a breeding hub for his transhumanist goal of “seeding the human race with his DNA” by systmatically impregnating dozens of women.

Authorities say that the damning allegations against Epstein is reason enough to seize the federal land and possibly conduct of search of the ranch, which is the only property of Epstein’s that hasn’t been raided.

“The rising number of allegations from survivors saying they were trafficked to the Zorro Ranch is reason enough for us to rip these leases in half and seize back this public land,” Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia said in a statement.

Epstein was found dead in his cell under suspicious circumstances earlier this month, and despite having a broken hyoid bone indicative of strangling, the coroner ruled his sudden death a suicide.

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