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NEWS: Getec Industries Announces the Addition of Stir Welding Services to Its Thermal Solutions Division


GETEC Industrial North America

TORRANCE, Calif., Sep 10, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Getec Industries is proud to announce that has added stir welding services as part of its suite of thermal management solutions, and has been added as part of the Thermal Solutions division.

Today’s complex electronic components run faster than ever, and this increased speed generates heat-a lot of it-and this often requires innovative solutions for heat dissipation in these electronic devices. One of these solutions is the creation of large extruded aluminum heat sinks that are 20 or 30 inches or even larger.

The problem is that there are very few 36-inch extrusion presses in the world, and a limited number of 20 and 30-inch extrusion presses. Using these larger extrusion presses require a 10 to 20 metric ton minimum run, and the cost of tooling for a large extrusion press can range anywhere from $40,000.00-$90,000.00. This makes the extrusion of a large, one-piece aluminum heat sinks unaffordable for most businesses.

The process of friction stir welding joins two surfaces together using a rotating mechanical tool that fuses the surfaces of two smaller heat sinks together seamlessly. For example, Getec Industrial can stir weld three 12-inch heat sinks together to create one seamless 36-inch heat sink at a fraction of the cost of producing a one-piece 36-inch heat sink.

By using this new equipment and technology, friction stir welding offers an affordable alternative that produces heat dissipation performance of a large heat sink without the prohibitive die tooling and large minimum metric ton runs associated with large extrusion presses.

“By adding stir welding services to our Thermal Solutions division, Getec Industrial can fabricate extruded aluminum heat sinks as wide as you need,” according to Hart Cardozo III, COO of Getec Industries. “This option will substantially cut costs for our customers who require these types of thermal management solutions for their products, and save them a lot of manufacturing lead time and production headaches.”

For more information about Getec Industrial’s friction stir welding process just fill out our handy contact form on our website, or give us a call at (888) 999-8499 – https://getecna.com/contact/.


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