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NEXT!! Now MSM tries “Trump downplayed the Coronavirus” routine [Video]


This is hardly a shocker of a story, but the timing is about week after The Atlantic and its attempt to smear the president for calling the troops buried at a World War I American cemetery in France “losers.”

Now we have “Trump told Bob Woodward he was going to downplay the coronavirus though he knew it was dangerous.” That was in March, reportedly.

Folks, today is September 9th. I – wonder – why – this – news – is – just – being – printed – now?

Election Day timing. Do I hear groans of “bor-ING!” – or am I just by myself. This is supposed to be the New Big Scandal? Please.

What is new about this? First of all, any President does not want to incite his people to panic. Second, it is a known fact that the President thought it was not very serious at first. Third, he moved adeptly to close travel from China, much faster than the opposition, who was telling New Yorkers to “go hug a Chinese” in New York City, and Nancy Pelosi downplaying COVID-19 and saying that the President was completely overreacting.

So, we know this and the MSM tries to pull this stunt?

For the informed person, this play is stupid beyond measure. That is how I see it. Nobody in the world understood the seriousness of the coronavirus. Presidents Trump and Putin stood out for their rapid closures of their respective nations. And even with the death toll recorded in the United States, statistically this could be way off because COVID was not the sole factor in death in a recorded vast majority of cases. Second, the death toll is in the range predicted the second time – between 100,000 and 240,000, way down from two million. Granted, we are not finished with the pandemic yet, but the count six months into this thing is 193,075, or if we take the inference that only six percent of these deaths are solely because of COVID-19, we have about 11,585 lost to the virus.

Full disclosure: We really do not know enough about the virus yet – the narratives are ever-shifting and the political upheavals in the US are having some effect on infection rates contrasted with nations who are not having riots and mass gatherings, like Russia for example, which is open to very nearly normal operations. Also, I am a Trump supporter, so I am going to pull for him. However, the fact that the US has the highest death toll in the world and the highest number of reported positives by far, one does have to ask the question “why?” However, I remain convinced that for the most part, the efforts by Donald Trump to deal with this are the finest anyone could possibly do, and even Joe Biden has only offered a complete shutdown of the nation for forty-five days as a remedy that is not exactly the same as what the American president has already put in place.

Anyway, here it is, and this may find itself accompanied by some other sensational bit of fake news too, since one can guess that the nation will absorb and ignore this piece pretty much before anybody would be through reading this very news piece.

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