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NHS, hostage to the Mentally Ill


NHS psychologists are over-prescribing sex change treatment for children. They call it “treatment,” but in fact it’s not proven to treat anything. It’s just a baseless procedure. Allegedly, these psychologists fear being called transphobic if they don’t comply. In the last three years, 35 psychologists in London have been pressured to resign over this issue of being coerced into prescribing hormone treatment for children with gender dysphoria. One specialist told Sky News this phenomenon amounts to a “medical scandal. […] Our fears are that young people are being over-diagnosed and then over-medicalised.”

The woke, craven, and sellout peers pressure staff members who manifest opposition to the practice or its zealous pursuit. “Looking back there are young people who I now wouldn’t necessarily put on medication,” the anonymous psychologist told Sky News. This year alone five people working at Britain’s sole NHS transgender clinic resigned after children as young as three were being subjected to unnecessary gender reassignment procedures. Almost 700 minors were referred to this NHS clinic in 2015, a fivefold increase in five years.

Britain’s descent into abysmal absurdity is echoed by other Western countries, like Finland, in which state authorities intervened last year to take custody of a 15 year old girl, whose [Christian] parents denied her the sex change procedure.

The Great Adversary, an expression I use to anthropomorphize the forces of socio-economic and spiritual decay [rent-seeking, war profiteering, usury, hedonism, vanity, and all their vile consorts], works in mysterious ways… but it’s ever consistent in goal. For how long will people self-censor out of fear, shame, and peer pressure? I guess for as long as necessary, until the phenomenon reaches them directly. No great change happens until the knife has reached the bone. The huddled masses are too tranquilized by the new media, by drugs and alcohol, envy and idleness – they dream of one day trading places with those above.

I pity the Remainer who fails to see or doesn’t wish to see what the European Union is really about. And I pity the Brexiteer who thinks the Tories will do them justice on this issue. The caviar socialists and caviar conservatives won’t deliver you anything, well, nothing good anyway. As for Jeremy Corbyn, in my view, he’s a disgrace to what Socialists and Progressives [in the 19th and early 20th centuries] used to stand for. Ironically, the madness plaguing the NHS will only grow, irrespective of what mainstream party or coalition comes to power.

Last year when I was in Britain, I felt two, distinct, and inimical sentiments when I was in Slough and in London. I felt at home in the former, albeit the presence of many a burka was not to my liking. On a warm day out in the park, a Muslim woman ought to feel the wind’s breeze and the sun’s light directly upon her skin, not through clothes that cover everything but the eyes. And I felt empty in London – a place overflowing with the cosmopolitan, the bourgeois, and the hipsteresque – for which I nurture only disdain. Falsa libertas, sincerus tragoedia.

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