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Non-Dating is Good for Teens


Dating is considered an important way for youngsters to discover themselves, to develop social skills, and experience emotions. But new research from the University of Georgia destroys the myth that adolescents who don’t date are somehow maladjusted. The research finds that abstinence from dating is equally beneficial, or better for teens.

A group of adolescents in Northeast Georgia was followed from the 6th grade to the 12th. Each spring, students indicated whether they had dated, and reported on a number of social and emotional factors [like positive relationships with friends, relatives, colleagues] and symptoms of depression and suicidal ideation. Teachers completed questionnaires rating each of their behavior in these areas, including social and leadership skills.

The scores of self-reported good relationships with friends, at home, and at school were the same among the dating and non-dating groups. But teachers rated the latter significantly higher for social and leadership skills. In significant contrast to their counterparts, students who didn’t date were also less likely to be depressed. More so, the proportion of students claiming to be sad or without hope was much lower within this group.

The authors conclude that non-dating students pursue a healthy path of personal growth, and call for health promotion interventions at schools and elsewhere to include non-dating as one healthy [normal] choice for kids to take. This research is definitely a breath of fresh air and completely at odds with the cultural degeneracy promoted in mainstream outlets and on social media, whose aim is to hypersexualize the population, especially children, and destroy social cohesion.