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North Carolina City Votes Unanimously to Provide Reparations For Black People


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Residents ask why they should pay for slavery.

A city in North Carolina has voted unanimously to provide slavery reparations for black people in the form of “investments in areas where black residents face disparities.”

The City Council of Asheville passed voted 7-0 to approve the measure, which will create a Community Reparations Commission that will decide on where resources should be directed

The resolution states that black people have been unjustly enslaved, segregated and incarcerated, as well as facing discrimination in the fields of housing, public transportation and food deserts.

“Systemic racism was created over centuries and will take time to dismantle,” states the resolution, which is aimed at “increasing minority home ownership and access to other affordable housing, increasing minority business ownership and career opportunities, strategies to grow equity and generational wealth, closing the gaps in health care, education, employment and pay, neighborhood safety and fairness within criminal justice.”

Councilwoman Sheneika Smith responded to complaints from residents asking why they should pay for slavery by telling the Citizen Times, “”(Slavery) is this institution that serves as the starting point for the building of the strong economic floor for white America, while attempting to keep Blacks subordinate forever to its progress.”

Her fellow Councilman Keith Young said that removing statues was not enough and that “systemic racism” could only be ended by redistributing resources.

“Hundreds of years of black blood spilled that basically fills the cup we drink from today,” said Young.

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