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‘Not Like It Used To Be’: Trump Takes A Jab At The Associated Press


President Donald Trump took a jab at the Associated Press during Sunday’s coronavirus press conference.

“Records show that federal agencies did not begin calling for [inaudible] and respirators until mid-March,” AP’s Kevin Freking asked Trump during the press conference. Midway through his question, Trump interrupted, telling him to “stop it” and asking who Freking worked for.

“The Associated Press,” the reporter answered. (RELATED: Trump Says White House Coronavirus Model Overestimated Number Of Hospital Beds Needed)

Trump then mumbled something inaudible about the AP being “another” outlet before turning back to the press area.


“They have done an unbelievable job in delivering for the Associated Press,” Trump replied. “Which is, you know, not so great. Not like it used to be. The people that you’re looking at, FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency], the military, what they’ve done is a miracle.”

“What they’ve done is a miracle in getting all of this stuff. What they’ve done for states is incredible. And you should be thanking them for what they have done, not always asking wise guy questions. Thank you very much, everybody.”

Shortly before Trump’s jab, the president noted that he does not plan to wear a mask in public. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) walked back its original statements on non-medical face masks Friday.

The CDC announced that it now is recommending wearing non-medical face coverings in public.

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