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‘Not My Prime Minister’ – Radical Left Marches Against Democracy In Britain


Apparently, the British people have ignored the anguished shrieks from the Extinction Rebellion protesters, Stand Up To Racissm rabble and other myriad constituencies of the British far-left about how “people WILL die!” unless Jeremy Corbyn’s vision of society is imposed on Great Britain. Instead, the Tories have carried the biggest majority in decades, every single strategic decision by Johnson and Dominic Cummings (including the ruled-unconstitutional decision to suspend – or “prorogue” – parliament) has been vindicated and Corbyn has already announced his plans to quit, joining predecessor Ed Milliband on the scrap-heap of British political history.

Yes, the people have spoken. And the result was a resounding rejection of Corbyn’s left-wing populist agenda. Though they wield a loud microphone on social media, the far-left doesn’t have the support of a majority of the people – or even a majority of the working class that young ‘democratic socialists’ claim to represent.

Sadly, one of the traits of the modern-day left is that they are terribly sore losers. And instead of wishing Johnson luck and acknowledging and accepting that mistakes were made on their end, the radical left is encouraging everyone angry with the election results to join them in the street for a protest of ‘racist’ Johnson – and of democratic values themselves.

As PJW pointed out this morning, almost as soon as the results were official, Facebook events called for anti-Tory marches

Oh look, they’re protesting against democracy yet again. pic.twitter.com/e0NA4kPjfz

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) December 13, 2019

Of course, many of those participating – and blaming their parents and relatives for voting for the ‘wrong’ candidate – simply don’t realize that they are the true bigots.

If you smear the working class & elderly as racist & stupid, you’re a bigot.

If you see fascism everywhere in one of the most tolerant countries, you’re a fantasist.

If you have contempt for democracy, you’re an elitist.

Above all, you’re the reason the left continues to lose. pic.twitter.com/YKAh22TOHG

— Andrew Doyle (@andrewdoyle_com) December 13, 2019

But that’s not all. In the age of Russian intervention, some Britons are already blaming Russia for meddling in the election, and tilting the vote in Johnson’s favor – just like they said (wrongly) that Russia successfully helped sway the EU referendum.

Ironically, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch of Fusion GPS, the oppo research firm that first brought the Steele Dossier to the FBI, have published an editorial in the Guardian claiming that Russian influence has thoroughly infiltrated the British electoral system, and that the UK needs “a Mueller report” of its own.

Far from being a proponent of ‘objective’ journalism, the famously not-for-profit Guardian has become the booster for the Labour Party (donations are reportedly up since it pivoted toward becoming the British Huffington Post). It has also established itself as a uniquely well-situated platform for Americans or other foreigners to comment on British politics.

A Hashtag is already circulating: #NotMyPM – attached to tweets warning about how the Tories absolutely will privatize the NHS.

#NotMyPM — mark my words, it is inevitable that the Tories WILL privatise the NHS and all those that voted Tories or could have voted but thought your vote wouldn’t matter so didn’t bother, will look back at the general election of 2019 and wished you had voted differently. pic.twitter.com/e2HvJiazBN

— p. (@70stevie) December 13, 2019

The Federalist’s Sean Davis accused Simpson and Fritsch of being con artists who are already blaming Russia for an election that didn’t go there way, with zero evidence to support that notion.

Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch of Fusion GPS are the most shameless and disgraceful con artists of the modern era.

The votes aren’t even counted yet in Great Britain and they’re already blaming RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA for anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn’s loss. https://t.co/J1LsdRwrha

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) December 13, 2019

And rather than being some kind of fluke, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Johnson’s performance is part of a trend of populist victories across Europe, including in the UK.

I think it’s safe to say that the conservative-nationalist phenomenon is no fluke or “black-swan” event.

— Sohrab Ahmari (@SohrabAhmari) December 12, 2019

On Twitter, the backlash was particularly virulent.

When will the UK come to grips with the obvious Russia meddling in your election. The UK needs a do-over once Russian assets are purged from Facebook, Instagram, Sky News, the Telegraph and Tinder.

— Patrick Klocek (@PJKlocek) December 13, 2019

Others mocked the leftists whining about the election.

Damn the UK voters meddling in an election once more, voting for the wrong result yet again, damn russia!! Are u going to complain and try overthrow this vote like the brexit vote u want a re-do for? #LetsGetBrexitDone

— Austere red pill scholar (@ImissSanePPL) December 12, 2019

But perhaps the most hilarious thing we’ve seen is the headline to this Guardian article.

With other classic quotes like “Corbyn: A good man, ripped to pieces.”

We imagine the streets will be soaked with tears as the public and British conservatives who momentarily feared Corbyn now revert back to laughing him off as a caricature. His supporters will likely take umbrage at that for a long time.