Today the Democrats meet to discuss impeaching President Trump over this Ukraine issue. Nancy Pelosi has been fighting off the dogs for months because she knows what impeachment proceedings will do to her party. Now a ‘whistleblower’ report, (which by the way, we know not what they are blowing a whistle on, nor who it is), is going to force Pelosi’s hand to start the impeachment wheels turning.

The question is, how much can you take? Is this what you want? Even if you hate the President, do you want the country to go through what we went through in the 1970’s with Richard Nixon, or the 1990’s with Bill Clinton? Do you remember the division, the fighting, the grinding to a halt of government, unable to do anything for the country? Do you know that makes us vulnerable to our enemies who will seek to do us damage while we are wrapped up in an internal conflict? This does no one any good, and the American people over and over do not want this to happen. It is a small cabal of squeaky wheels screaming to get greased.

Let’s look at what this is supposedly all about. This anonymous ‘whistleblower’ supposedly reported that the President on a call with the leader of Ukraine threatened to withhold aid unless the corruption of Joe Biden was investigated. That was all the speculation when the story broke. Since then, we’ve learned a few very important things. First, the ‘whistleblower’ did not have first hand knowledge of this call. So how could this be taken seriously? Second, the aid the President threatened to withhold was a week before the call was even made! So there was no quid pro quo. Third, there is nothing wrong or illegal with the President did. He was not asking for dirt, he was not colluding. Bringing attention to possible corruption by an American in that country is not illegal.

So what has happened here? For 2 and a half years, we were put through the Russia collusion wringer. Day after day, leak after leak, and what happened. Nothing. No collusion. The report they waited on for years was a dud. The Mueller testimony itself was a dud. No collusion, no obstruction of justice. Time to move on, right? No. We’re going to have a recession. Every story, every day foretold of economic collapse and recession. Then they ask the Fed chair what he sees. No recession on the horizon. That failed. Now it’s the Ukraine ‘whistleblower.’ How much more can you take. How many more of these manufactured crises can you go through? Because make no mistake, they are not just putting Trump through this, they are dragging you along for the ride.

And it’s not just the Democrats that are to blame. Trump has been under fire from the Republican side as well. Let’s look at what led up to this ‘whistleblower.’ Trump fires John Bolton who wanted the aid to go to Ukraine right away. Trump hesitated because he was worried about corruption in Ukraine and didn’t know exactly where that money would go and who it would help. He also wanted Europe to give their fair share to help Ukraine as well. He fires Bolton, and then all of a sudden, an anonymous ‘whistleblower’ breaks this story to the New York Times. Was Bolton the whistleblower? We don’t know. Maybe he was. So you have Republicans outside AND inside his administration that are undermining him. The Bolton’s and the Romney’s of the world are part of an establishment deep state that are undermining him at every turn. This is why there is such a high turnover rate at the White House, it is too hard to get people who are loyal to him. These people never expected him to win and are doing everything they can to prevent it from happening again.

Then you have our supposed allies. They’re not cooperating with us on anything. Not paying their fair share to NATO, not cooperating with us on Iran, and not pulling their wait in economically battling Russia by helping Ukraine. And why? Because Trump is not one of them. He is not a member of the global political establishment. He is an outsider, and he’s being attacked on all fronts. No one has his back, except you. And that’s why you can’t take it anymore. Because all these attacks have you squarely in the crosshairs. Trump is standing up to the pressure, but how much longer can he? He’s just a man and he’s getting everything thrown at him. Lesser men would have quit already and said, ‘enough is enough, I’m getting out of here, I don’t need this.’

Let me let you in on a secret. You ask anyone who had to live under the communists of the Soviet Union and what is going on today is exactly the same thing that allowed them to control the population. You would never be able to rise to power unless the party allowed it. It’s what the climate change movement is about also by the way. It’s a way to control you economically, and if you don’t go along with the ideas of those running that movement, you are evil. It’s a way to shut you up and not ask questions.

And you won’t ask any. Because they’ve worn you down to the point where you can’t take it anymore. If the Dems go through with this impeachment process, it won’t be like last time when the media tried to defend Bill Clinton. It will be a media pile-on the like of which you have never seen. And they won’t be piling just on Trump, they’ll be piling on you too. And they won’t stop until you submit, until you give up. Until you renounce your support for what you believe and go along with the crowd, over the cliff. The question is how much more can you take?

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