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Nunes: I’m ‘Putting Together a Legal Team’ on Release of Phone Records

nunes:-i’m-‘putting-together-a legal-team’-on-release-of-phone-records

On this week’s broadcast of “Sunday Morning Futures,” House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) said he was putting together a legal team to address House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) obtaining his phone records.

Nunes said, “He subpoenaed digits, basically and then in there, once he had all this data, then he ran my phone number and pulled out my calls that I had. But he also, I think more concerning than just me, he did it to the president’s personal lawyer and a journalist. And I think this is what’s most wrong about this, I mean, the whole thing is just sickening, but he did it to one of my current staff members and one of my former staff members who he doesn’t like, him and his team. They don’t like the fact that we exposed them for the Russia hoax that they were involved in.”

He continued, “So we’re putting together a legal team. I think the Republican members of Congress, they have to be concerned because if they ever spoke to any of these people, their records could be released. And I think journalists should be concerned because if journalists ever spoke to Rudy Giuliani at any time that the Democrats decide they don’t like what a journalist has done or another member of Congress, they can just release these.”

He added, “I’m a Californian. For sure, state law, you cannot release somebody’s phone records. So, for sure, that right has been violated. So we’re going to — but we with also have to look at the constitutional aspects of this. Do all the members of Congress have a right to privacy, and just one member, because he doesn’t like someone and he’s a political opponent of someone, can that member just subpoena records and then release to embarrass or to create a distraction or to build whatever fantasyland narrative that they continue to build.”

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