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Nunes: We Are Going to Take CNN, Daily Beast to Court — ‘These People are Sick’


On this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Rep. Devin Nunes (D-CA) denied the “fake news” reports that he met with former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin to get dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

He added he was taking CNN and the Daily Beast to federal court.

Nunes said, “I have been used to this for the last three years. The House Intelligence Committee Republicans, we continue to expose Democrat corruption over and over again. And what always happens is right when we expose them, what do they do? They go out to kill the messenger. So this week another fake news story. The problem with this week’s fake news story, then we actually caught him. And we caught them badly and also involves criminal activity and so what we are going to do, I gave a statement on Friday night, we are going to take both CNN and the Daily Beast likely into federal court right after Thanksgiving. And we hope to cooperate because were also going to be working with the appropriate law enforcement authorities because it is not okay to work with someone who has been indicted on serious federal crime to build a media narrative and dirty up a member of Congress. You’ve seen it, the American people have seen it over the last three years. We out them, and then they, with the media narrative to try to dirty up the people who are doing the work on behalf of the American people. We hope that CNN and the Daily Beast will cooperate with the court, they should comply with the subpoenas once we file this and go through different depositions. It should be fun.”

When asked if he was in Vienna with Shokin, Nunes said, I really want to answer all of these questions, and I promise you I absolutely will come back on the show and answer these questions. But because there is criminal activity here, we’re working with the appropriate law enforcement agencies, we’re going to file all this, everyone is going to know the truth, everybody is going to know all the facts, but I think you can understand that I can’t compete by trying to debate this out with the public media when 90% of the media are totally corrupt. And because this is criminal in nature and because it’s so bad, it’s so slanderous, we’ve got all the facts on our side, and we’re going to file in federal court because I’m not going to sit here and try to compete against the media that I have no chance of winning this. I will win in court in, and they’ll have a chance to cooperate, and they’ll have to show how they work with somebody who has been indicted, which is likely conspiring to obstruct justice here.”

Bartiromo asked, “Just to be clear — you’re saying your suing CNN, you’re suing Daily Beast, I know you sued Twitter in the past, do you think this is going somewhere, you’re telling me that CNN committed criminal activity?”

Nunes said, “It’s very likely. Or they’re an accessory to it, right? So none of this is true.”

He added, “The sad part is, I’m the last guy that wants to go into the courts, but the media has become totally corrupt that now they’re willing to actually engage and help with criminals, indicted criminals. These people are sick, and the only way they’re going to be held accountable is through the court system. And It’s the only chance I have to actually get the facts out for the American people because they can’t lie to a court.”

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