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OLD FLAME Kimberly Guilfoyle and first husband Gavin Newsom look unrecognizable in pic before secret engagement to Donald Trump Jr


The Sun

Before Donald Trump Jr. came along, the former Fox News host was married to California Governor Gavin Newsom. In a Harper’s Bazaar spread from 2004 called “The New Kennedys,” Guilfoyle and her then-husband Gavin Newsom lounge on a rug, looking very polished. In the photo, the former couple is dressed for a formal evening. Guilfoyle is wearing a sleeveless black dress, while Newsom dons a tieless tuxedo with an unbuttoned collar. The aged story referred to the then-couple as “one of the most glamorous political unions since Jack and Jackie,” referring to the Kennedys. The photo helped a tongue-in-cheek tweet by Ellie Hall, a BuzzFeed News senior reporter, go viral in 2020. “Never forget that Kimberly Guilfoyle and her then-husband Gavin Newsom posed on a rug for a Harper’s Bazaar story calling them ‘The New Kennedys’” said the tweet. Guilfoyle was married to the Democratic politician from 2001 to 2006. She was the first lady of San Francisco while he served as mayor. After they divorced, she married her second husband Eric Villency in 2006. However, the couple announced their split just three years later after having a son together. Guilfoyle has a significant media presence as an American attorney and television news personality. She previously co-hosted The Five on Fox News.

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