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One cop DEAD, one injured, suspect killed after car rams barricade at US Capitol


Pictured – They’re letting us know that a white guy did it.

The New York Post:

Cop and suspect killed after car rams barricade outside US Capitol

A maniac slammed his car into two US Capitol Police officers on Friday afternoon — killing one — before he was shot dead by police while running at them with a knife, acting Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said.

All three were taken to various hospitals — with the suspect in custody — as the building was placed on lockdown following the chaos that erupted around 1 p.m.

Pittman said that “our officers has succumbed to their injuries.”

Pittman said she couldn’t yet identify the slain cop.

The incident took place at a vehicle checkpoint on the north side of the Capitol along Constitution Avenue in Washington DC, police said.

Sources told NBC News that the driver got out of the car with a knife after hitting the officers, then was shot.

The driver’s door and trunk were also open as authorities gathered around a band of yellow caution tape.

ellphone video clips showed a helicopter landing near the Capitol before taking off a short time later.

A photo also shows a dark sedan with its front end crumpled against a white metal, pop-up barricade with the words “STOP” in red.

Video courtesy of NBC News channel

More at The New York Post

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