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One Large Sea Creature Keeps Washing Up Dead On Shore. Russian Warships May Be Responsible


Noise pollution from Russian warship may be the cause of mass dolphin deaths in the Black Sea, according to scientists.

Over 100 dolphins have washed up on Turkish shores in the last few months. Lead researcher of marine life at Sinop University, Uğur Özsandıkçı, among other local scientists, stated that this number is much higher than previous years, according to NBC News. (RELATED: Gigantic Shark Washes Up On The Shore In North Carolina)

Noise pollution caused by Russian warships in the North during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is likely the driving cause for these dolphin fatalities, according to the outlet. Ship noise and low frequency sonars threaten dolphins’ ability to echolocate, leading them to have serious difficulties finding their way and feeding themselves.

Some dolphins who approached the shore alive were visibly weak or dehydrated, yet showed no clear signs of previous entanglement or infection, according to NBC News.

Mass dolphin deaths have scientists worried that pollution from Russia’s war in Ukraine could have lasting impacts on ecosystems in the region. https://t.co/KX4POxPIgW

— NBC News (@NBCNews) May 13, 2022

The biodiversity of the Black Sea will undoubtedly be impacted by the war, leading scientists to examine and research these consequences of pollution and bombings on marine life, according to a press release from the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV).

Flammable and toxic ammunition is currently being utilized in the war in Ukraine and is mixing with the ecosystem with continuous bombings, affecting the soil and the water, as reported in the press release.

The Russian Navy reportedly deployed trained dolphins to protect a naval base in the Black Sea from potential Ukrainian saboteurs, according to satellite images.


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