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Over 150 Migrants Jump Fence from Morocco to Spain


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155 migrants storm through Spain’s Ceuta enclave fence

More than 150 migrants crossed the border fence at Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta early on Friday, Reuters reported. At least six Spanish police officers suffered minor injuries as they tried to stop them, a government spokesman in the city said.

155 migrants jump fence from Morocco to Spainhttps://t.co/kGlq2ohE1l pic.twitter.com/UjMIb93RkU

— RT (@RT_com) August 30, 2019

The Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla on Morocco’s northern coast are a magnet for illegal African migrants trying to reach Europe. The enclaves are surrounded by a 6-metre-high fence topped with razor wire.

“Around 250 migrants tried to jump over the fence and some 155 made it,” the spokesman said. “It has not been as violent as in the past.”

The incident in Ceuta coincided with the arrival in Spain of a Spanish warship carrying 15 migrants who had been stranded at sea following Italy’s refusal to take them in.

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