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Owen Shroyer Vs. Woman’s March – ROUND 1


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Brainwashed DC protesters demonstrate their ignorance and hate

Infowars.com –

January 19, 2020


Despite being assaulted the last three years in a row, Owen Shroyer and the Infowars Crew once again bravely face down the brain-washed liberals of the Women’s March. In round 1, Owen recounts the violence of the previous years, and asks whether the protesters really care about the female victims of abuse, or if this is all just a thinly-disguised anti-Trump parade.

Owen grills DC Women’s March protester on the “gender spectrum”:

Owen discusses the 2020 Presidential race with a Democrat, who is considering voting for Trump:

Owen confronts DC Women’s March protesters on abortion:

Owen confronts Democrats about Trump’s impeachment:

Owen physically removed, shoved from front of Women’s March:

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