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Packers Receiver Devin Funchess Uses Anti-Asian Slur


Green Bay Packers receiver Devin Funchess has apologized for using an anti-Asian slur.

During a Saturday press conference, the Packers player was addressing the media and talked about how he can tell some people are smiling under their masks. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

For reasons I’m not sure anyone will understand, the talented receiver said he can tell people are smiling because they look “ch*nky” and he then motioned towards the skin near his eyes being pulled back.


— Justis Mosqueda (@JuMosq) August 8, 2021

“I want to apologize for the disparaging remake I used tonight…I meant no harm and those that know me, know I have love and respect for all cultures and people,” Funchess wrote in part early Sunday morning.

You can read his full statement below.


— Devin Funchess (@D_FUNCH) August 8, 2021

Do I think Funchess should be immediately cut and have his life ruined for what he said? Obviously not, but he needs to be smarter.

Clearly, there wasn’t any malicious intent, but that doesn’t excuse the fact he casually dropped a slur like it was nothing.

It almost makes you wonder if he even knew it was a slur.

While attempting to describe to reporters that he could see them smiling behind their masks, Packers WR Devin Funchess said he’s aware because “everybody turns c*inky” while slanting his eyes backwards.

How disappointing. https://t.co/xI21SFFYNS

— Josh Tolentino (@JCTSports) August 8, 2021

Hopefully, he learns from this moment, realizes what he said was wrong and then moves on. There’s no reason his NFL career should be over because he said something incredibly stupid.

As a society, we still have to remember to show a little grace and mercy when people screw up. If we don’t, then we’re screwed.

He made a big mistake, he apologized and it’s time to move on.


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