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PART I: PHONY DOSSIER SERIES| Why is no one talking about Adam Waldman?


Adam Waldman is an attorney to global personas and mostly known for his representation of actor Johnny Depp and Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska – a metals tycoon under U.S. sanctions. The immense wealth of Deripaska can be demonstrated by his minority share of 48% in the Russian aluminum production company Rusal that conducted $1.4 B in transactions with the United States in 2017.

The key question from all the information gathered and throughout this investigation is that it is still undetermined WHO in the USG (U.S. Government) is Adam Waldman’s point person? Is he contracted with our Intelligence Community? Does he have a handler?

TEXTS Between Senator Mark Warner (D) and Adam Waldman

The text exchange we examined parallel to other information we have collected indicates that Waldman, a celebrity, lobbyist, foreign tycoon, and foreign dignitary attorney is discussing matters about Assange with someone at the U.S. Government (USG). Waldman in his statements infers that he is so highly regarded that he can “threaten” them with ceasing his pro-bono role as a legal mediator for Assange and the USG. That is some serious clout, but raises the question of why he contacted Senator Mark Warner, who is not the sharpest tool in the shed but one of the richest Senators in the U.S. Senate with a net worth of over $180 Mil. It’s incredible how being a public servant makes them insanely rich.

TEXTS Between Senator Mark Warner (D) and Adam Waldman

Waldman is a high flying attorney that “continent hops”, represents many high profile clients and was involved with the failed Wikileaks mediation. Based on his own text, he claims to do it because it will destroy the Democrats, Obama, CIA and National Security. Let’s be clear, Waldman mediating the Assange situation is not only due to U.S. interests, but because of his OTHER clients. The clients we don’t see on TMZ or the failing NY Times. The clients in Asia, Africa and Middle Eastern Nations that Assange also has goods on.

Waldman is not a patriot. He’s a legal mercenary that knows many people and is “the guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy” type of person. His involvement was not just to solve problems for the Obama administration and Obama’s intelligence community, but for many other governments he himself is linked to. I am pretty sure they were the motivating factor for his “pro-bono” mediation, not Obama’s corrupt antics and the leverage it would garner him for his clients both then and in the future.

When these texts appeared it was all about Oleg Deripaska with the Russia Hoax they orchestrated in full swing. The details within the messages showcase and prove WHO was involved in attempting to validate the dossier and that the DOJ knew the dossier wasn’t credible before and after Mueller’s appointment.

The conversation between Warner and Waldman brought up Paul Manafort. In the PART II: PHONY DOSSIER SERIES, the key players of the creation and push for validation of the dossier will be revealed with the name of the ACTUAL company (and it’s NOT Fusion GPS) who ultimately “ordered” the dossier in PART III of this series.

The discussion of the infamous letter from the Senate Intelligence Committee (SIC) sent to Christopher Steele is very telling. Warner helped coordinate the “bipartisan” letter with Dianne Feinstein’s former Chief of Staff who was in regular communication with Steele according to the texts.

Texts from Adam Waldman have been retrieved by authorities from 2016 and onward. In those texts, Daniel Jones, Senator Dianne Feinstein’s former Chief of Staff introduces himself as Christopher Steele’s spokesperson.

Dan Jones here from the Democracy Integrity Project. Chris wanted us to connect.

Text to Adam Waldman from Daniel Jones PQG

XXX is the brains of it. It was set up for the purpose of being able to promote the Democratic Party Ideals. Money is no object. Who do you think “leaked” the Dr. Ford letter to Feinstein? It was XXX, he orchestrated the whole thing for them.

Confidential Source

The texts and information retrieved from Adam Waldman provided us a treasure trove of leads to get to the bottom of the Russia Dossier and who funded it. For this part of the series, we will demonstrate that the SIC letter that was sent to Christopher Steele was spearheaded and coordinated by Senator Mark Warner and that the timeline coincides with Bruce Ohr’s 302s.

Reading through the texts (those that are public information and those provided to us by confidential sources), Christopher Steele was reluctant to speak to Mark Warner or anyone at the Senate without a letter from the Senate Intelligence Committee (SIC) first. In the text messages below it is observed that from March 27, 2017 up until April 25, 2017 – before Dan Jones met with Senator Richard Burr (Chair of SIC) and Senator Mark Warner (Vice Chair of SIC) – Christopher Steele demanded an official letter in order to speak with them.

TEXTS Between Senator Mark Warner (D) and Adam Waldman

Warner made it clear that he wanted to speak with Christopher Steele before the SIC sent out any letter as they wanted to avoid any paper trail. Though, with the developments of Deripaska and the leaks, Steele (according to the texts) was distrusting of the USG because the Obama holdovers were starting to be removed.

TEXTS Between Senator Mark Warner (D) and Adam Waldman
TEXTS Between Senator Mark Warner (D) and Adam Waldman
TEXTS Between Senator Mark Warner (D) and Adam Waldman

According to our exclusive sources in the UK, Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS and XXX visited Christopher Steele on May 9, 2017 to deliver the letter from the Senate Intel Committee. Dan Jones was part of the meeting held with Steele and they discussed concerns and developments in respects to the FBI Director and his associates.


Below, Ohr states that Steele advised him of receiving the letter from the Senate Intelligence Committee that Adam Waldman and Sen. Warner were discussing. This letter has not been made public yet.


Adam Waldman involved himself in the most incredible attempt by an unelected branch of government to overthrow a duly elected president. He thought by acting like a pro bono intermediary for the USG and Assange he would have more clout for his clients, specifically Oleg Deripaska who was at a loss of almost $1.5 B in U.S. contracts in aluminum sales.

At the time of his communication outreach to Warner, Deripaska was embroiled in a huge issue of sanctions brought against his company and found it increasingly more difficult to find resolution. Assange was a bargaining chip Waldman used, but through discussions confirmed to Warner Manafort and Deripaska had some sort of history. Warner urged Waldman to convince Deripaska to exploit his relationship with Manafort and that they would “help” with his sanction situation.

In this text we observe the acknowledgement by Waldman as to how Warner “took care” of the silent treatment he had been getting from his DOJ contact on his client’s case for resolution in exchange for testimony.

“Interestingly just heard from DOJ that they received and are considering.”

Adam Waldman Text to Sen. Mark Warner

In reality, it hurt Deripaska even more identifying him as a Russian Agent for President Putin, making his position even more difficult to fix.

As far as Adam Waldman is concerned, it is imperative we find out who his contacts were and are in the DOJ, State Department and Embassies around the world that are willing to negotiate such deals for the sake of trying to validate manufactured data in order to overthrow a duly elected President. They should all be fired and denied any pension benefits – especially those that transferred into Pompeo’s “house” recently.

Incredible how the Trump administration was questioning and obtaining information before, during and after Comey was fired. Almost seems like Mueller was a roadblock to stymie these investigations doesn’t it?


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