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Pelosi Must Apologize To Ukraine | Bribery Infers Two Party Crime Per Justice Scalia


Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have been changing definitions of words for the past three years at an alarming rate, though the word “bribery” was defined from beyond the grave by Justice Antonin Scalia. When Clinton’s Sec. of Agriculture Espy got busted for EXTORTION, they moved to get him on bribery charges but they were dropped (#ClintonPower). Since Sun Diamond threw him under the bus for extortion, the Supreme Court weighed in.

Today, Nervous Nancy kept repeating how the word BRIBERY is IN the Constitution, but she failed to state how it’s not DEFINED in the Constitution. It’s pretty much a JOKER card in the deck they have and since extortion is very well defined, they forget Justice Scalia defined it back in 2000.

The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. ~Article II-Section 4.

Defining Bribery

The D.C. mafia and globalist cabal love skewing definitions. This is how they alter your perception, conditioning society to “see” things their way. According to Legal Dictionary the definition of bribery is:

The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in the discharge of  his or her public or legal duties.The expectation of a particular voluntary  action in return is what makes the difference between a bribe and a private  demonstration of goodwill. To offer or provide payment in order to persuade  someone with a responsibility to betray that responsibility is known as  seeking Undue Influence over that person’s actions. When someone with  power seeks payment in exchange for certain actions, that person is said to be peddling influence. Regardless of who initiates the deal, either party to an  act of bribery  can be found guilty of the crime independently of the other.

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Obviously, we expect the Democrats to redefine the word “bribery”, but the late great Justice Antonin Scalia hits back from beyond the grave as a reminder that without the Clintons in power the law stands in the United State of America.

If the government did not have to prove this linkage then a token gift such as the presentation of a sports jersey by a championship team to the President could be regarded a criminal act.

Justice Antonin Scalia  United States v. Sun Diamond Growers, 526 U.S. 398, 119 S.Ct. 1402, 143 L.Ed.2d 576 (1999)

In essence, bribery is when one party offers, gives, receives, or solicits an item of value to influence the actions of someone in public office. Both parties are party to bribery because if they are not then it is considered extortion. In other words, Nutty Nancy in her press conference demonstrated once again her disregard for foreign policy.

Her statements were such that declare President Zelensky of Ukraine committed a crime when he accepted the so-called bribe from President Trump. It is clear that the Democrats will go to any length to destroy the United States of America, and maintain power as they just claimed on a global platform that the President of Ukraine was party to a crime.

Pelosi said in her press conference that Americans are too stupid to understand “quid pro quo”. But, in order to PROVE bribery you have to demonstrate the existence of “quid pro quo” as defined in ALL statutes across the nation citing bribery as a crime. In fact, since the word “bribery” is NOT defined, it can be argued that like most statutes across the United States of America, it would require PROOF that both parties understood and agreed to an arrangement.

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Unless President Zelensky retracts his statement made on an international stage that there was no pressure, no arrangement, etc., then we non-lawyers fail to understand how they decided to go down that path when the term cannot legally stand.


  • They aren’t calling it “quid pro quo” – even though, to prove bribery you have to prove the act of “quid pro quo”.
  • The word “bribery” is found in the Constitution, but it is not DEFINED.
  • Justice Scalia defined “bribery” in the Supreme Court hearing in 2000 appeal of Sun Growers.
  • Nancy Pelosi proclaimed on a global platform that President Zelensky committed a crime.
  • Nancy Pelosi jeopardized our National Security with her press conference and should be immediately reprimanded.

Though the Democrats are being ridiculed on a global stage with their charade, and their media counterparts are masking the reality of the circus they have turned Capitol Hill into, the people know, and even their own constituents are tired.

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If they are so hellbent for justice, then why not admit that Quid Pro Joe extorted Ukraine to save his son and many other “sons” as they lined their pockets? It is not about justice. It is not about transparency. It is about power they wish to hold onto, refusing to face the brunt of the storm about to jump out of sealed magistrate court rooms around the nation. They know they have no chance of having any footprint in any federal office and motor mouth AOC had a little Freudian slip while discussing it on CNN. Oops.

They are trying to remove the president. They are trying to ensure we lose our right to bear arms. They are trying to steal our vote. They are trying to destroy our foreign policy, all in the name of power. What they haven’t realized is that President Trump has given the power back to the people, who are no longer mesmerized by the FAKE NEWS.

If anything, Pelosi should be REMOVED from office immediately for giving comfort to our enemies by harming our foreign policy with Ukraine, which can make us vulnerable to Russia.

As a final note, John Owen Brennan should keep his mouth shut. Dog-whistling to your Russian assets to “spy” on Ukraine calls for you – via your last segment on NBC – was pathetic and noted for treason.

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