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Pennsylvania Vote Will Have Big Impact on Lockdowns, Future Emergencies


A vote Tuesday on two statewide initiatives in Pennsylvania could have a major impact on both the future of lockdowns and emergency management in the Keystone State.

By 53-47%, Pennsylvanians voted for Amendment 1 to severely gut the governor’s power to declare states of emergency — empowering the legislature to extend or terminate an emergency.

Amendment 2, enacted by a similar margin, gave the legislature power to decide whether to continue or end an emergency after 21 days.

“It is a clear repudiation of Gov. [Tom] Wolf’s draconian shutdown approach to handling the COVID-19 pandemic,” Lowman Henry, president of the Harrisburg-based Lincoln Institute, told Newsmax.

Henry noted, the vote for the two amendments was “an unprecedented rebuke of a governor for the General Assembly when the voters amend the state Constitution to curb the abuse of executive power.”

But others warned the measure will force the legislature to take a greater role in future emergencies — snowstorms, floods, and similar disasters.

“There will be huge pressure on the governor and the legislature during crises to come to agreement on how to deal with it,” said Franklin & Marshall College Prof. G. Terry Madonna, the premier pollster in Pennsylvania. “With the political divisions, compromise won’t be easy.”

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