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Pete Buttigieg Passes on Doing Viral ‘Butti-jig’ Dance for TMZ


Mayor Pete Buttigieg passed on the idea of doing the viral “High Hopes” dance popularized by his supporters.

“The less people that see me dance the better,” Buttigieg told a TMZ cameraman on Thursday morning. “I just don’t have that coordination.”

Supporters across the country are sharing videos of the special dance featuring Buttigieg’s campaign walk-on song High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco.

But Buttigieg said he was aware of the viral dance fever sweeping the nation.

“Yeah, you know I think joy is a really important part of this campaign and letting it all out, that’s a big part of that,” he said.

The dance was popularized on social media after video surfaced of one volunteer teaching the proper moves to supporters young and old.

I taught everybody at the Nevada Day Parade the High Hopes dance. Study up, we’ll be doing it a lot!#PeteForAmerica #Pete2020 #WinTheEra #HighHopes #panicatthedisco @PanicAtTheDisco #WinTheEra #PeteButtigieg #BarnstormersForPete @PeteBarnstormer pic.twitter.com/bvDKpOn8x3

— Conor McQuivey (@conor_mcconor) October 29, 2019

On Sunday, a campaign staffer posted a video of the entire volunteer force doing the dance.

…meanwhile, during the #PeteSummit lunch break #teampete #highhopes pic.twitter.com/8VFU4b1q0c

— Liz McLeod (@LizMcLeod) November 17, 2019

In September, supporters were filmed in Iowa doing the dance with giant blow-up posterboards of Buttigieg’s head.

#HighHopes for #TeamPete could this team be any more incredible?! @PeteForAmerica pic.twitter.com/60XUluKnfS

— Meg Hovious (@mrhovious) September 21, 2019