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Philanthropist Bill Pulte Doxxed While Giving Away A Fortune to Veterans in Need


Philanthropist Bill Pulte has been a sensation on Twitter after starting the hashtag #TwitterPhilanthropy and giving away tens of thousands of dollars to people in need – especially veterans.

Pulte has given away $10,000 to a homeless veteran, a $20,000 new car and $10,000 in cash to female combat veteran and single mom, Lena Ramon, along with manymany more inspiring acts of sharing.

Yesterday, Pulte was doxxed by a man that had asked him for help, who then claimed he “didn’t think that was your real cell phone number.”

Pulte and his wife then began receiving hateful messages and threats.

Wow! ? This hour my wife and I started receiving Hate messages on my phone after my personal DATA was leaked here on Twitter. I had no idea the cause until now.

My wife and I will not be deterred by this sickening attempt to hurt our family or shake us down for money https://t.co/UEQ9RQ0VT2

— Bill Pulte (@pulte) September 24, 2019

“It looks like there is a group of people retaliating against me because I am not giving them money,” Pulte tweeted. “The doxxing of my personal information was done in retaliation. I will keep you more posted as we learn more on who and what helped this person doxxing my personal data.”

Some of the threatening messages included information on Pulte’s personal cars and credit cards.

This is an example of what happens when you get doxxed. People are in my credit report, my Amex account, and also sending texts threatening like this. Please protect your data and passwords. pic.twitter.com/qpUMbyiLSg

— Bill Pulte (@pulte) September 25, 2019

Despite the doxxing and threatening messages, Bill Pulte has responded with goodwill, offering even more charitable donations to the public.

Since the attack, Pulte has offered to go review GoFundMe requests with his wife and fulfill them, and further offered to give over $15,000 as a random act of kindness.

If you have a go fund me, please put it below. My wife and I are going to go through as many as we can. We are ready to go!

— Bill Pulte (@pulte) September 25, 2019

“My wife and I will not be deterred,” Pulte tweeted. “We are going to give even more! While my legal team works on this matter, we will be helping people this afternoon and also do another giveaway! Stay tuned! Get excited! GAME TIME!”

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