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PHOTO: One-Eared Puppy After Accident Becomes Instagram’s ‘Golden Unicorn’


A golden retriever puppy who lost one of her ears due to an accident at birth is becoming Instagram famous as the “Golden Unicorn.”

Rae, a 12-week-old golden retriever puppy with a unique look that has earned her the nickname @GoldenUnicornRae, lost her left ear not too long after birth when her mother accidentally ripped her ear off while trying to tear at her amniotic sac, People reported.

Rae was rushed to a veterinary hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to treat the injuries. She had to get stitches from the top of her head and down the left side of her face and neck.

The owner of the mother dog and her litter decided to give up custody of the mangled puppy to the veterinary hospital. But Brianna Vorhees, a receptionist at the hospital, decided to adopt Rae and take her in as a member of her family.

From the moment Vorhees took custody of the dog, she took round-the-clock care of her, including regular bottle feedings.

But something about Rae’s remaining ear fascinated Vorhees, and everyone on social media.

“At around six weeks, once everything was healed, she started getting larger,” Rae’s owner explained. “It was then that her remaining ear started to migrate upwards, and she almost looked like she was going to have a facelift.”

Rae’s ear started to migrate toward the top of her head, giving her the unicorn dog look that has made her famous on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

On Instagram, she has 85,200 followers, and on TikTok, she has 745,000 likes and 56,100 shares.

“Everyone wonders how that one ear works since it’s so far away from where the canal was, but we don’t know how to answer these questions, we just know that it works,” Vorhees added.

Since Rae can hear out of her ear, which is in a different position from her ear canal, there are no plans for the puppy to get rid of her “horn.”