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Photos: Pete Buttigieg Arrives at Electric Vehicles Event in Pair of Gas-Guzzling SUVs


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg arrived at an event to promote electric vehicles Thursday in a pair of gas-guzzling SUVs.

Reuters reporter David Shepardson posted a photo of two black Suburbans in a parking garage:

.@ginamccarthy46 and @SecretaryPete arrive for EV event in a pair of SUVs pic.twitter.com/zyclINepPj

— davidshepardson (@davidshepardson) April 22, 2021

Another climate change champion, former Environmental Protection Agency director and current White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy, was with Buttigieg, according to Shepardson.

They visited a charging station near Union Station in Washington, D.C., the White House said.

“The charging stations were installed by American-based company EVGo and enable EV users to recharge rapidly when away from home,” it said.

The large vehicles with a history of poor gas efficiency were in the background of the duo’s appearance before reporters:

.@ginamccarthy46 touting EVs and chargers. Administration wants 500,000 new charging stations pic.twitter.com/FXkt4uxcZi

— davidshepardson (@davidshepardson) April 22, 2021

Buttigieg was recently ridiculed when he rode a bike for show to a White House meeting. Video posted by CNN reporter DJ Judd showed the secretary mounting the bike on the White House grounds for a short trek to the building:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg biked to the White House for today’s Cabinet Meeting, it would appear. pic.twitter.com/XfYRB3COqm

— DJ Judd (@DJJudd) April 1, 2021

While Buttigieg’s face was never visible —  it was concealed by two masks despite his being outside — the video began with his bike being unloaded from a security vehicle. An agent, who at one point spoke into his lapel, secured the bike rack on the rear of the SUV.

Buttigieg eventually got on the bike and the SUV followed close behind.

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