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Piers Morgan, a true open-minded liberal, Part I [Video]


Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan have a history of sharp, even virulent disagreement in interviews with one another. But Piers Morgan demonstrates in an interview held on August 18th how a liberal used to be, and thankfully, how he still is: open-minded, willing to listen to opinions he doesn’t agree with, and in so doing he contrasts magnificently against the predominant “snowflake culture” of the American left.

The interview is here on offer below. Below the video we make some notes of significant statements and their timestamps, but we really urge our readers to take the time to listen to this absolutely excellent interview:

Significant points:

[01:26] Shapiro’s question, “what is your background” and a brief bio of Mr. Morgan’s career. Note particularly that he worked FOR Rupert Murdoch before leaving to work on a politically opposing journal later.
[04:00] America’s Got Talent. Meeting Donald Trump (and becoming friends to this day with him), and working on Celebrity Apprentice.
[06:28] On the merger of celebrity and journalism. Is this good for the country?
[08:25] Those people who are dominant journalists are seeking celebrity. These days the way to celebrity is to be a “Trump-hating” journalist. CNN in Morgan’s time as an impartial network, but now it is purely partisan.
[12:40] The necessity of being able to disagree and listen versus “tribalism” as it exists now.
[13:30] Tribalism and social media as a factor that amplifies partisan tribal shrieking to the point that in the last two mass-shootings there was almost zero time between these acts and the attacks of each “tribe” against the opposing tribe. Twitter as the most awful and effective device to amplify the tribalism. Impossibility of finding agreement.
[15:20] Deplatforming and No-platforming, (example Jordan Peterson being forbade to speak at Cambridge University) and what is the point at being in university-level education if you cannot speak freely. Shapiro noted here that 600 police officers were required to protect him from the hostile audiences at Berkeley University.
[16:48] On the US’ First Amendment, no restrictions on hate speech, no restrictions on libel and slander, in comparison to speech rights in Great Britain.
[19:26] Morgan notes that the BBC and Sky Networks are 24-hour networks that are impartial. There may be a lot of lefties in these offices, but although they have a perceived liberal bias, fundamentally, Morgan sees these networks as impartial. Many Americans watch BBC America because they cannot trust domestic news coverage anymore.
[22:26] Piers Morgan’s association and friendship with Donald Trump, starting from Celebrity Apprentice days and extending to now. Trump is: very smart, very charming, use of tactic of punching opposition ten times as hard (so to speak). Very decisive, very good at creating controlled chaos, likes conflicts, and thrives in such environments. Media “poking the bear” – are the Americans getting exhausted? Criticism of the present way media covers him, falling into Mr. Trump’s game.
[27:56] Shapiro: can a person who simply “acts human / nice guy” win by being this way? Morgan: Absolutely not. Trump is Godzilla. Trump painting the “Squad” as the face of the Democrat Party. Trump as a brilliant Marketeer, but Dems have to get a better message then he has if they hope to win. “Screaming at the sky” will not work.
[29:55] Who could beat Trump? Possibly Biden, but not the others.

[30:34] Media strategy “Russian collusion” only helped Trump. Mueller Report – obstruction of justice is legally possible even if there was no underlying crime, but the noise this caused only helped Trump. The media wanted the Russia story to be true so bad they forgot about being journalists.
[32:08] The “secondary narrative” that “Trump is a white supremacist”. Shapiro: Is he? Morgan: No. Not a racist. But his base likes when he lays out incendiary comments. Is there a crossover into racism here? Morgan is not sure. Alleges the “go home” comment against the Squad is racist. But in his heart, for Morgan, Trump is no racist.

And then here Piers Morgan gets down to the real problem.

Starting at 34:20, Piers addresses more directly than before in this already direct interview, that the combination of the Internet social media culture and the overuse of psychotropic medications across huge segments of the American population is driving the disintegration of decency, morality and the rise of violence at all levels in the US. This segment is so important we link to it especially here:

Mr. Morgan states that 80% of the world’s painkillers are getting bought and used in America. This is a stunning statistic. Shapiro noted that a plurality of young people say that they have no personal friends, so they drift to links with some really bad characters online.

This concludes Part I of our review of this interview. Again, we highly recommend it, as this is one of the soundest discussions on the present state of American media and political discourse to come along in quite a while.

Part II of this report will look at the remaining topics covered in the interview, which highlight the situation in Britain with Brexit and the parallel elitism of globalists and radical leftists in Europe along with that in the United States. We will also offer some summary analysis.

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