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Plane crash in Tehran: questions that have no answers


The airliner crash in Tehran was a tragic apotheosis for the escalation of tensions in the Middle East. However, while Iran claimed responsibility for the incident, many questions remained unanswered. And it’s not just about the PS 752 flight that was on its way to Kiev. This tragedy makes you think about a plane crash in eastern Ukraine, where a Malaysian airliner was also shot down by a rocket.

According to the official version of the International Investigation Group, which is studying the circumstances of MH17 flight crash, the strike was made from the Russian anti-aircraft missile system “Buk”. Russia denies its guilt, pointing to the fact that the disaster was caused by Ukraine. And, to be fair, we must admit that Moscow has much more specific arguments. For example, it published an exhaustive package of documents according to which the missile was in the inventory of the Ukrainian army. It inherited the ammunition from the Soviet Union, if to believe the Russian documents. All this information was fully presented at a press conference of the Russian Defense Ministry. However, so far JIT has only provided partial information. And the United States could have clarified the situation. And here comes the most interesting thing.

When the Ukrainian Boeing in Tehran crashed, the U.S. leadership almost immediately voiced the version that eventually proved correct – a missile strike. All this was made possible thanks to the work of American special services and, more importantly, satellite data. It took about a day or so.What about MH17? According to available data, three American satellites could have detected the attack on the liner. In addition, the information could have been obtained from commercial satellites or from satellites of Germany, France and Japan. However, with such a variety of sources of truth, the MH17 case has grown into many contradictions. First of all, the reason was Washington’s decision to classify its own data from the satellites, which already delayed the investigation process. At first, the Dutch prosecutor’s office argued that due to increased cloud cover, investigators did not have quality images of the rocket’s take-off, although now there are radar systems that overcome this obstacle, unlike optical ones. It then became known that Washington did transmit some information that should have helped determine the missile’s trajectory. But even here there were no nuances, because Dutch intelligence had to agree in detail with the U.S., what exactly can be used in the report, and what should be hidden.

This approach is already suspicious. Eventually, it was not until May 2018 that JIT circulated a report claiming that a missile fired by an aircraft could have been delivered from a Russian military unit stationed near Kursk.It is not difficult to notice a difference in investigation speed: one day in the case of PS 752 versus six years in the case of MH17. And it is not because Russia does not admit guilt at all. The investigation team has never provided really strong evidence, and the deliberate disregard of Ukraine as a suspect only shows bias. If we talk about the role of Washington in both cases, it is clear that the US had nothing to hide in the crash of the Ukrainian liner. Everything was simple, clear and obvious, that is why they did not hesitate to make the version public. Things were quite different with the Malaysian MH17.

But, as we mentioned, even the Iranian tragedy has many very dark spots. Yes, Tehran has admitted guilt, which should probably have put an end to the investigation. Nevertheless, it is not clear why the Ukrainian International Airlines allowed takeoff at all. Everybody was well aware that Iran and the USA were actually in a state of undeclared war at that very moment. The U.S. Federal Civil Aviation Authority banned flights over Iran and Iraq, literally before the Tehran disaster.Another question, what was the probability of the strike on the plane of Ukraine, a country that is one of the most loyal to the U.S. leadership, and in the immediate vicinity of the accident will be a man with a camera turned on to record the crash?And finally, why was Iran pulling a confession? Obviously, the authorities knew the real reason from the very beginning. Of course, it is possible to refer to domestic proceedings, but another question arises: why was it necessary to deny the rocket version so fiercely? In fact, that was the reason for the protests that erupted in Iran – a disadvantage for local elites, but, apparently, not for everyone. Moreover, there is a benefit to the U.S., especially if we assume that the current actions will turn into a full-fledged coup d’etat.

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