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Pompeo: Evidence ‘Staggering’ of COVID Origins at China Virology Lab


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday described as “staggering” the lengths to which the China went to cover up the suspected origins of the coronavirus pandemic at a Wuhan virology laboratory.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Pompeo said “every piece of evidence that we saw throughout the entire time suggested that this originated in the laboratory, at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

“I haven’t seen a shred of evidence that suggest to the contrary,” he continued. “The evidence continues to accumulate despite the fact that the [China Communist Party] would not allow anybody to have access to the laboratory, the original materials, the doctors that were working there.

“The list of the cover-up efforts is staggering and the combination of the circumstantial evidence that we have combined with the intense effort to deny us information about that lab suggest to me strongly that this is where it originated.”

Pompeo added that in January, there was the release of a set of now declassified information pieces “to talk about the fact that we believe that there were doctors that came down with the symptoms from the virus back in 2019.”

Pompeo said it represented “the knowledge that the Chinese Communist Party had about human–human transition long before they admitted to the [World Health Organization] and the world.”

“There’s increasing evidence that the Chinese Communist Party acted at least with reckless negligence and perhaps even worse,” he declared.

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