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On Sunday, the most banned woman in Britain held a meeting at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park. It was streamed live on YouTube. There were very few speakers overall, perhaps due to the lockdown, which although technically over still saw at least one idiot policeman walking around in the open wearing a surgical mask. Kellie’s meeting was easily the best attended, with a fair number of men present, all of them sympathetic.

This wasn’t nor was it ever intended to be a one-woman show; one of the speakers was Stella Perrett, a cartoonist whose cartoon of a crocodile entering a newt pond caused mock outrage and led to some imbecile reporting it to her local police force. And to her being cancelled by a certain left wing publication.

Another speaker read a long, unpoetical poem – well, it did rhyme, while yet another said that in the 1970s, her mother was told she couldn’t become a doctor because she was a girl. Told by whom, one might ask? Especially as a certain Elizabeth Garrett Anderson who qualified not only as a doctor but as a surgeon, died way back in 1917. Another woman spoke out against the obscene practice of female genital mutilation.

Although the main agenda of the meeting cannot be faulted – the idea that men cannot be women and should be kept out of women’s spaces – there were clearly some present who had other agendas. Thus, we heard the usual claptrap about both prostitution and pornography, as well as, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, surrogacy.

The feminist war on prostitution was covered here recently, but pornography is an enormous subject ranging from smutty poems and crude drawings of the female anatomy to simulated rape and homosexual bondage. It is difficult to see how any campaigner on women’s issues could find homosexual pornography objectionable, much less responsible for the objectification of women, but there are people everywhere who want to criminalise all manner of practices just because…

When the meeting ended, Kellie promised the next one would be bigger. She and those who support this common sense approach to the real world need to keep the pressure on. If women aren’t allowed to say men are not women, what will be banned next?

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