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POW!! Kayleigh McEnany humiliates Nancy Pelosi for style session [Video]


Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s press secretary, seized the elitist behavior of House Speaker and aspiring Queen Bee (without the “ee”) Nancy Pelosi and launched Thursday’s daily press briefing with a scathing review of the Speaker’s behavior of late. For McEnany, (and for many Americans, indeed), Nancy Pelosi is the problem. By trying to strongarm the GOP into accepting expensive add-ons to the current coronavirus relief bill that do not have anything to do with COVID mitigation and help to those people who have suffering businesses and who are wondering how to pay rent and buy… food! Nancy is betraying the American people. McEnany said as much. Further, the demand the House Speaker made for the salon owner to apologize, was like waving red meat in front of all those BLM / Antifa rioters the Democrats tacitly endorse, and utilize. Now Erica Kious is receiving personal death threats and threats against her business, as her part of San Francisco may turn into the latest venue for “fiery but mostly peaceful protests.”

Kayleigh hit this one out of the park, but in the continuing sniping that is the press’ part of the Second American Civil War, the very first question proffered by a journalist was “Do you acknowledge that in this country it is illegal to vote twice?” – a stupid question in response apparently to some rhetoric put out by President Trump.

The leftist media is desperate and cornered, but a cornered dog fights, VERY hard. This is what we see. We present the conference in full below, and there will probably be more news about it later. Kayleigh did a great job dealing a smashing blow to the Democrats before all of America who watches her, and she might even have dislodged a few people from that wildly elitist and radical party.

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