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Press completes narrative shift to American-funded Lab Leaked COVID-19 [Video]


Every American citizen, and every citizen on Planet Earth ought to be roaring with rage at the United States government. More and more evidence conclusively shows that elements within the American government funded the development of SARS-CoV-2 in a Chinese lab, all the while blaming the Chinese government for the whole thing, when if it had not been for Dr Fauci and others like him supporting gain-of-function research in China, our world might yet be operating more or less normally.

This is worse than just egg on the face of the American government. This is a blot that has literally traveled around the world and affected every single citizen of the planet. Doctor Anthony Fauci, the Deep State, and probably a great number of people on all points of the political spectrum participated in this travesty.

The good news about all of this is that it is getting exposed. This report above, given by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, is a very good “summary of the week” in its recounting of the development of information concerning this issue. It is not new information, at least not most of it. Next News Network reported on it over a year ago. I covered their report here on The Duran and have continued to offer food for thought on this topic since that time.

Many other “alternative” news outlets also offered information about the lab leak possibility and the US-China connection. But the pivot of the mainstream media from denial of this connection to cries of “resign, Dr. Fauci!” is very recent, taking only about four weeks or so to move an entire national narrative.

There are a few takeaways we must consider:

  1. Our news media is definitely not free and objective. For a story like this to be deliberately blocked is criminal, at least in terms of how it affects readers. In the case of this virus, honest reporting might have saved millions of real lives.
  2. While China certainly has problems with open disclosure of error (something we may take a further look at in subsequent pieces), we must understand that full Chinese disclosure of their error would have necessarily implicated the fact that American money and support was going into this project. The Chinese could have played that card, and it is curious as to why they did not.
  3. China, Russia and any other competing nation now has mud to wipe in the face of American heads of state and diplomats. With the Biden (the Imposter President) and Putin meeting coming in less than ten days, one might well acknowledge the possibility that President Vladimir Putin can literally wipe the floor with Evil Granduncle Joe. This could lead to great news for Russia, and actually, for the United States, as President Putin has a great chance to make life a lot better for Americans as well as for the people in his own country. Free commerce between the US and Russia is a good thing, indeed a great thing. It is a pity most Americans do not know this.
  4. It will take great concerted efforts from the American people to clean their government and its practices and policies up. This is why the establishment hated and feared President Trump so much – he was doing it. Granted, his progress was probably incremental, and certainly met with great and powerful resistance from the Deep State itself. But this is where American citizens must step up to take responsibility. Our Constitution says that the government and its services function at our pleasure, and if it is our pleasure to stop such functions, we have hundreds of millions of people who can make anything happen once they have set their will to doing it. We have seen it before.

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