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Professor Believes Coronavirus Pandemic Is All Over, Despite Rising ‘R’ Rate | This Morning



While the US and UK governments and their mainstream media adjuncts are still pushing the COVID ‘pandemic’ narrative, more public health experts are breaking ranks, and are sharing their factual findings with the public.

Despite the UK government’s claim that the coronavirus ‘R’ rate is rising, Professor Carl Heneghan from Oxford’s Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) is taking a more optimistic approach to the COVID crisis, and believes that the ‘pandemic’ is more or less over now and that society should really be trying to get back to normal, and that parents should be sending their kids back to school. He states:

“As we go back to schools, we can be reassured that the risks to children are incredibly low …. and they (children) are more at risk to infections like influenza.”

“Across the board the disease is a a low level, and its impact is minimal.”

Heneghen noted that as we are now seeing so few deaths – in a normal year we wouldn’t even realise there was any major virus or disease in circulation. By contrast, the flu and pneumonia are still consistently killing six times more people on average. Watch:


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