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Proud Boys: Patriots Will Rally in Portland Until Mayor Wheeler Declares Antifa an Enemy, Restores Order


Organizers of the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally vow to continue demonstrating in Portland, Oregon every month until the city’s Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler outlaws the militant leftist group Antifa.  

Violent Antifa protests broke out in Portland Saturday as members of the Proud Boys, who organized the “End Domestic Terrorism” event, faced off Antifa – bringing the downtown area to a standstill.

The Proud Boys issued a statement after the rally Saturday, blasting Wheeler for employing a hands-off policy with Antifa.

“Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and a host of compromised journalists have been frothing at the mouth for weeks leading up to the peaceful ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ rally held today in Downtown Portland,” the conservative group wrote.

“Aimed at drawing attention to the terrorist acts of Antifa, a violent domestic terrorist organization, rally organizers made it clear that they will hold Mayor Ted Wheeler accountable until he excises the alt-left group from his city and returns Portland to sane Americans who want to settle their differences at the ballot box, not through deranged political violence.”

-Statement Post Rally, Proud Boys

Wheeler, who is also police commissioner, said nothing in June, as hundreds of Antifa protestors gathered on the streets throwing quick-drying-cement-laced milkshakes and assaulted conservative writer Andy Ngo, who consequently suffered a brain hemorrhage.

The mayor defended his
hands-off approach to dealing with Antifa in October, after members of the
left-wing movement blocked streets and harassed drivers.

The Proud Boys explicitly stated
prior to the rally that their intent was “never about bringing carnage or
violence to the City of Portland,” but was an attempt to “[showcase] the power
of peaceful political action.” 

Yet, all hands were on deck – including the state police and FBI – ahead of the right-leaning rally, after Wheeler spent a fortune on law enforcement agencies to combat conservative dissidents, the Proud Boys noted.

“It has been alleged that through Mayor Wheeler’s direction, $2million of taxpayer money was spent in preparation for this rally, including Gestapo-style roundups of right-leaning free speech advocates expected to participate in the “End Domestic Terrorism” gathering,” the group stated.

“Our presence in Portland for a mere fifteen minutes motivated Mayor Ted Wheeler to call in resources from around the state and nation to allegedly ‘prevent violence,’” the statement continues. “We clearly stated from the beginning that our event was not about violence, but rather about calling attention to how Antifa has been allowed to infest Portland.”

Wheeler will be forced to
spend exorbitant amounts regularly, until he “[declares] Antifa an enemy of
Portland and restore order, the group warned.

“Mayor Wheeler should use
the past few weeks of preparation and attention to detail as a template going
forward. Either he takes charge and removes the scourge of violent domestic terrorists
from his city, or we come back month-after-month,” stated organizer Enrique
Tarrio, who also serves as Chairman of the Proud Boys. “Repeat visits from
Tarrio and other national right-wing leaders would leave the Portland Mayor on
a constant defensive, continually having to call in favors from state and
federal agencies to combat completely peaceful God-fearing Americans who are
simply dedicated to protecting our First Amendment rights.

 “Sooner or later, he
will run out of money and his counterparts in government will no longer take
him seriously. The path forward for Mayor Wheeler is simple, free your city
from the grip of Antifa, take direct and meaningful action. Otherwise, the
citizens will grow weary of you wasting tax dollars and the time of
first-responders with your ridiculous political posturing. Declare Antifa an
enemy of Portland and restore order.”

Joe Biggs, a former Infowars reporter, organized the rally with Tarrio in response to the beating of Ngo. No one has been charged in connection with the assault, which the police are continuing to investigate.


Ngo posted footage of Antifa
protesters attacking a bus, appearing to pull people our of the vehicle.

Ngo posted another video
showing a man who Antifa “knocked unconscious to the ground.”

“His partner or spouse was
trying to protect him as mob still surrounded them. No police,” Ngo said.

President Trump weighed in
on the situation, recommending Antifa be labeled a terror organization.

Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.” Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17, 2019

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas have also sponsored legislation urging Congress to identify Antifa as a domestic terrorist group.

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