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Purdue could become a trust funded by sales of the same drug blamed for the opioid crisis



Purdue Pharma could become a public trust funded by OxyContin sales as part of a massive settlement over its role in the opioid epidemic, but some prosecutors and health advocates are skeptical of the idea of relying on profits from the drug that contributed to the crisis.

Purdue, commonly blamed as a major contributor to the opioid epidemic, reportedly could be reorganized through bankruptcy to become a public beneficiary trust, which would give all OxyContin profits to cities, counties, and states and distribute opioid abuse treatments for free.

However, the trust would be dependent on keeping OxyContin profits up, a prospect causing queasiness among some public health advocates.

Scott Britton, assistant director of the Public Children Services Association of Ohio, said the counties hardest hit by an overflow of Purdue’s drugs should be awarded the settlement money through something akin to a public trust, but he has misgivings about replenishing the fund with OxyContin profits.

“It’s concerning that the drug we know can get someone addicted to at the prescription stage and go on to procure illegal heroin will still be [on the market] … that’s a really dangerous combination,” Britton told the Washington Examiner. “We have a lot of work to do and I don’t know if more medication is the answer.”

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