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Rabbi Yaron Reuven explains Jewish Greed in Historical Terms


I realize the subject matter is very sensitive to most people. However, I treasure free speech and pluralism of opinion over one’s biases and pretended feelings. One has a right to emit critical opinions, one has a right to emit counter-statements, and one has a right to just ignore. In the video below, Yaron Reuven – a Wall Street man before becoming a Rabbi – explains the role of Jewish Greed [usury and communism] in Germany and Russia and other places, including the promotion of pornography and bestiality, and explains how Hitler saved the German society and economy from rot. Note: he is not making the apology for Hitler or Nazism, nor am I. He just points out historical facts, which are usually warped or flatly ignored by mainstream text books, in order to wake people up and warn them about the ruinous destination the US is headed for, and by consequence, the rest of the world. His formula is quite simple: extreme price gouging extreme hedonism => poverty, chaos, crime, war. Reuven also emits opinions, of course, and one doesn’t have to agree with everything he says; one may disagree with everything he says, but that option involves ignoring whole portions of history. If anyone wants to fact check, I recommend Esau’s Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews by Albert S. Lindemann and From Yahweh to Zion: Jealous God, Chosen People, Promised Land… Clash of Civilizations by Laurent Guyenot. Below is the full video with Rabbi Yaron Reuven [from May 2019], the relevant segment starts at 1:16:06.

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