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Reliving the worst of the past – the American nightmare


For any serious student of history certain recent events in America should seem very alarming. I am referring to two social phenomena in particular: the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in schools and the vaccine passport.

Indoctrinating young people from elementary school through college with a subjective and politically motivated agenda that places blame on one set of people for the ills of society is highly reminiscent of the approach taken in schools during the communist era in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries. Then, children of the bourgeoisie were made to feel utter shame for the perceived crimes of their parents and grandparents in subjugating and repressing members of the agrarian and working classes.

Nowadays substitute “race” for “class” and you have essentially the same phenomenon. It was cruel and irrational when it was practiced in 20th century socialist countries and it is cruel and irrational today.

As a result of CRT, White students are being stigmatized and then ostracized due to this pernicious practice. The psychological trauma of this nefarious indoctrination may last a lifetime as children and teens are branded as “other” and a potential threat to society and even friends.

With the vaccine passport we have the playing out of a similar phenomenon also from the 20th century – the star of David armband and badge. According to the Encyclopedia Judaica “The principal objective in introducing distinctive signs for the Jews was to erect a barrier between them and non-Jews and to restrict their movements.” Does this not sound eerily familiar to what is happening now? Without the proper identifiers (passports) people will be marked as subject to trave; restrictions and not allowed entry into public events like concerts.

Other restrictions are sure to follow turning non-vaccinated people into a subclass of less than human Americans – the new deplorables, but worse! Where will all this end? No one really knows. Perhaps in the near future, the non-vaccinated will be made to wear special devices with a distinctive beeping sound to alert approaching citizens the way lepers were made to ring tiny bells to warn them of their presence.

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