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Report: Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged ‘Madam’, Attended Secret Jeff Bezos Event


Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly operated as Jeffrey Epstein’s fixer in procuring underage girls for sexual predation, attended a secretive book retreat organized by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos last year, according to a report.

Motherboard reports Maxwell joined some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent players at the annual event — known simply as “Campfire” — in 2018, prior to an explosive Miami Herald report alleging her involvement in alleged crimes committed by Epstein, who hung himself inside his New York City jail cell while awaiting trial for child sex crime charges.

“2018 attendees independently confirmed to Motherboard that Maxwell attended the exclusive retreat that year. One of the sources maintained that Maxwell had attended three Campfires including 2018, but that Maxwell was not an attendee at Campfire 2019 held in early October,” according to Motherboard.

Amazon, nor Blue Origin, Bezos’s space travel company, responded to requests for comment from the news website.

Maxwell, the daughter of a British publishing magnate who died under mysterious circumstances, is one of the most prominent figures left from the Epstein orbit after his suicide.

Eventually, Maxwell landed in Epstein’s world in the wealthy enclave of Palm Beach and bought a home in Manhattan, where Epstein also had an opulent mansion worth as much as $77 million. According to lawsuits filed by Epstein accusers, she became a recruiter of young girls for Epstein, as well as his household manager and social circuit organizer.

In a lawsuit, Virginia Roberts Guiffre laid out in detail what was believed to be Maxwell’s role in Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring, which other women have echoed in similar claims. Guiffre, 15 at the time, says she was working at the Mar-a-Lago club owned by future President Donald Trump when she was approached by Maxwell about a way to earn good money: learn massage therapy and get to know Epstein as a man who could give her a bright future.

In August, the New York Post published a photo of Maxwell at a Los Angeles-area In-N-Out burger, the first known outing since Epstein’s death, though reports suggest the image was photoshopped.

The AP contributed to this report.