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REPORT: Jay-Z Pulls Out Of Woodstock 50 Festival Amid Major Setbacks


Rapper Jay-Z has reportedly pulled out of the Woodstock 50 music festival.

The move comes weeks before the festival is scheduled to take place in New York, according to a report published by the Associated Press. A source close to the situation told AP the Jay-Z news on the condition of anonymity. John Fogerty, who performed at the original festival, also announced Friday he would not be performing either.

Jay-Z has pulled out of the 50th anniversary Woodstock festival just weeks before the troubled event is supposed to take placehttps://t.co/gvnn2cxNFw

— AP Entertainment (@APEntertainment) July 26, 2019

The two performers pulling out comes amid reports that the festival has experienced a few setbacks in terms of planning. The festival has seen denied permits, the loss of a production company and had a financial partner bail in the last couple months.

The anniversary event was supposed to take place in upstate New York, but after the venue pulled out the festival has been moved to a venue in Columbia, Maryland. (RELATED: Jay-Z Enters Wildly Growing Cannabis Industry As Brand Strategist)

The original line up included acts by Jay-Z, Dead & Company, the Killers, Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons and Chance the Rapper.

Jay-Z and John Fogerty won’t be playing Woodstock 50. https://t.co/NpBIevfKtR via @Lucas_Shaw

— Nick Turner (@NewsyNick) July 26, 2019

This really is a music festival that I’d contemplate going to, but the more issues they have the more it starts to remind me of a repeat of the Fyre Festival. Fyre Festival was the music festival that organizers planned so poorly it never even happened.

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