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REPORT: The SEC Is Targeting Ohio State, Clemson, Michigan And Florida State For Expansion


The SEC is reportedly targeting multiple historic powerhouses for expansion.

According to Barstool Sports’ Jack McGuire, the SEC has been in contact with Ohio State, Clemson, Florida State and Michigan amid massive expansion talks. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

SEC has been in serious contact with Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson, and Florida State.

Not clear if this will materialize, but they have their eyes on a true 20 team MEGA conference.

OU and Texas just the start. #ScoopCity

— Jack McGuire (@JackMacCFB) July 23, 2021

The conference is already on the verge of adding Texas and Oklahoma. However, it sounds like the SEC wants to control as much territory as possible.

You can doubt all you want.

This comes from multiple sources, including one that gave me OU & Texas to SEC on Monday. #ScoopCity hasn’t had a miss since 2019.

Anyways @UnnecRoughness premiers at 5:30 PM tonight. https://t.co/2I5OZgphNw

— Jack McGuire (@JackMacCFB) July 23, 2021

Now, do I think any of these four teams will leave for the SEC? I find it incredibly unlikely, but that doesn’t mean talks aren’t underway.

Jack McGuire has been right enough times in the past for me to believe that he’s credible. I have no idea how serious these talks might be, but if he says they’ve happened, then I’m ready to roll with it.

Are Texas And Oklahoma Heading To The SEC? It Sounds Like A Very Real Possibility https://t.co/WzIqG4pSRL

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) July 21, 2021

If the SEC does try to steal these four teams, you’re going to see a civil war break out in the world of college football unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

It’s going to get very ugly and it’s going to get ugly fast.

I honestly have no idea what to expect, but I think it’s very safe to say we’re in uncharted territory. What an incredible sport!

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