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Research facility sued after FBI finds buckets of heads and other body parts sewn together



Eight families filed a civil lawsuit on Monday against an Arizona research facility to which they had donated the bodies of their deceased loved ones amid allegations that it dismembered and sold body parts.

An FBI raid of the facility in 2014 revealed many desecrated human bodies, seemingly dismembered with a chainsaw. Body parts were seen gruesomely displayed as a “morbid joke,” including a bucket of human heads, legs, and arms, a cooler “filled” with male genitalia, “an infected head,” and even a small, female head sewn on to a large, male body “like Frankenstein.”

The raid also revealed pools of blood and bodily fluids covering the floor of a freezer containing multiple bodies without identification. Facility owner Stephen Gore pleaded guilty in October to illegal control of an enterprise and was sentenced to one year of deferred prison time and four years of probation.

The civil suit filed Monday claims that the body parts of their loved ones were also being sold on the black market with alleged prices being $500 for a head, $750 for a leg, and up to $5,000 for a whole body. The suit claims that the illegal dismemberment dated back to 2007. One plaintiff who donated both his mother and grandmother to the facility described the situation as a “horror show.”

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