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Rivera on Unvaccinated Kyrie Irving: ‘I Am Mad’ — ‘He’s Hurting Everybody’


Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Geraldo Rivera battled over vaccine mandates Thursday on “The Five” while discussing NBA -player Kyrie Irving refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Gutfeld said, “You got to go back to how disconnected our actions are from risk.”

He continued, “It doesn’t matter that a healthy, lean athlete has a different risk than an elderly, obese person. We know the risk factors. The key risk factors are age – the older you are – and weight if you’re obese. But we can’t even broach these topics, so instead, we have these blanket mandates that are just completely wrong.”

Rivera said, “When people make a stand like this, and it’s costing him and his family and his children $400,000 a game, there’s something else going on besides his repugnance over the vaccines.”

Gutfeld said, “It’s called bravery. Maybe, money isn’t the issue.”

Rivera shot back, “Bravery?”

Gutfeld said, “The worst thing about this, we now have created an artificial division. A couple of years ago, it was race versus race – thank you, CNN – it was gender issues. But now, Geraldo, you’re mad at this guy.”

Rivera replied, “I am mad at him because he is foolish. He’s not just hurting himself. He’s hurting everybody.”

Gutfeld said, “You are being played! You are being played.”

Rivera said, “You are being stubborn. You’re being blockheaded.”

Gutfeld said, “You are being manipulated to disagree with somebody. This is an artificial division, and we shouldn’t play into this. This is what the mandate did.”

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