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Romney Slams Biden Presidency: ‘Things Are Not Going Well’


Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney bemoaned the Biden Presidency on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Sunday, telling host Chuck Todd that things were “not going well.”

Rejecting James Carville’s earlier analysis that Biden had a “bad week,” Romney insisted, “As a matter of fact, he has had a bad year. He had 52 weeks of bad weeks.”

“People are 7% poorer now because of Biden inflation. Gasoline prices are 50% higher than they were when he took office. The border is a mess. Covid was resurgent, but he didn’t have in place the tests people needed to keep themselves safe. Then of course, there was a disaster in Afghanistan. Russia is now threatening Ukraine. Things are not going well. And the president needs to stop and reset and say what is it he is trying to accomplish. If he’s trying to transform America, he’s not going to unite us.” (RELATED: Over 100 Former Staffers Under Bush 43, McCain and Romney Endorse Biden For President)


Romney’s observations come after a new Quinnipiac University poll put Biden’s support at just 33%, a new low for the President as voters grow increasingly frustrated with his handling of key issues. (RELATED: Biden’s Disapproval Rating Soars To Record High)

“He gave his inauguration speech and used some version of the word ‘unity’ like half a dozen times,” former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany recalled, adding that Biden was “the most divisive president” she had seen in 20 years.

“Especially when you look at the numbers, when you drill down into them, that Quinnipiac poll, the left-wing poll, he’s decided to pivot to division,” she added. Calling Biden’s speech in Atlanta “one of the most divisive” she had ever heard, McEnany continued, “This is division, division, division … Americans are noticing it, because when Quinnipiac asked, ‘Is he uniting us or dividing us?’ 49% said dividing, 42% said unifying.”

“I was stunned when I saw that and had to double-check the numbers,” McEnany declared. “That’s a five-alarm fire.”

Romney said that if Biden wants to unite the country, he should work on bringing people together on a bipartisan basis.  “He had one success, the infrastructure bill. That was done by Republicans and Democrats in the Senate working together. Build on that kind of success,” Romney concluded. (RELATED: ‘Truly Historic’: Biden Takes Victory Lap During Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Signing Ceremony)


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